Triple Entente Dbq Analysis

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The tense battle between the triple entente and the triple alliance may have been blamed on Germany alone but really there are quite a few more details that came into play when starting this terrible fight. One little argument between two countries turned into a full out world war that ended with 38 million casualties The underlying causes of WWI include the forming of alliances across Europe, the quick ride in military and supplies, each country 's intense love for their nation, and the fast imperialization that was spreading across Europe. The forming of alliances built up tensions between all of Europe which helped cause WWI. In Document A, the triple entente is shown to be surrounding the triple alliance which made everyone believe that a war would spark from the high tensions. This was an underlying cause because when all of Europe began to become distrustful everyone hastily began to pick sides before the war had even started. In Document I, every country is pointing their fingers at who they believe is to …show more content…

Document C includes both the Russian and the British national anthems and since they both had such great pride for their countries that when they were threatened by the triple alliance they didn’t take that lightly. All the countries involved in the war believed that they were the best and had the best methods therefore they wanted to win the war and be able to spread what they think is best. Document F narrows down on how Germany felted before the war had started. They wanted to be heard and recognized as one of the major nations in Europe because they had the power. Since the blame was put onto Germany it could be said that an underlying cause of this terrible war would be Germany’s need to show their power which made the other countries around them

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