Causes Of War: The Cause Of World War One

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The Cause of World War One

The war was caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo. It was said to be the spark of the outbreak in World War One. The Archduke went to Sarajevo inspect the imperial armed forces in Bosnia. Princip the nationalist at the time wasn 't doing much but when saw an opportunity shoot in the car shooting both Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Austria-Hungary wanted an apology and their military to cross over in search for the black hand member name Gavrilo Princip. Austria Hungary wasn´t too happy with Serbia and declared war on them.

Women and Change

Before world war I many jobs were open to women were low paying and offered little chance of advancement. This situation started to change during the war, but most women such as a teacher were still expected to and their career once they married. Careers like medicine, law, and engineering and much of what was considered at the time were male jobs are closed to all women. The early Canadian women 's organization help change that on improving the health of female factory workers, immigrant, and prisoners.

Battle of Vimy Ridge

Early 1917, both British and French forces had tried to take Vimy Ridge but were unsuccessful to take it from German stronghold. This height of land was considered a vantage point. For the first time, Canada 's fourth division was assembled to fight as a single unit under a Canadian commander Major general Arthur Currie. The strategy they adopted was the
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