European Empires Create Tensions In Europe In The Late 19th Century

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The development of empires created tensions in Europe during the late 1800 's and early 1900 's (World). When new empires came, they more than likely wanted power. That probably made the other empires and countries, angry, which lead to tension between them. A system of military alliances gave European powers a sense of security before World War I (World). Before Europe could start war they had to know they had a good military. Since they now know they do, they were not afraid to start or join a war. Germany 's relations with other European countries worsened after Bismarck left office in 1890 (World). Germany may have not had great relationships with other countries, but they were bad enough to start a war. Since they have become …show more content…

Since Europe divided into two, they may have different aspects of how each side should be. This could have sparked war between the two sides. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand gave Austria-Hungary a reason to attack Serbia,its long-time enemy in the Balkans (World). Although Austria-Hungary and Siberia are enemies, they had no real reason to attack them. Now that Serbia assassinated Franz Ferdinand they had reason to start a war. The unification of Germany in 1871 had created a powerful and fast-growing new state in the heart of Europe (World). Now that Europe is more powerful they have a better chance of winning the war. Since they have a better chance they will start or join a war. An assassination on June 28, 1914, sparked the outbreak of World War I (World). The United States remained neutral at first (World). Although many citizens of the United States were born in Europe, they were glad to stay out of the conflict. They would later come in, but at the beginning they decided not to go into it. When the fighting began, each nation’s allies became involved in the conflict (World). As more countries came in, fighting got worse. This made the war even larger than it originally was.
The terms in the Treaty of Versailles was proved harsher than Germany had

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