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Underlying Causes of World War I World War I, also known as the First World War, was one of the bloodiest and most eventful war yet. WWI was fought in Europe involving Germany, Russia, Serbia, Austria-Hungary, France, Italy, Belgium, and England. Europe wanted a balanced power but this caused loose alliances to form which actually caused tension. Not to mention, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand added to the tension as well. Still to this day, there is no direct answer of the cause of WWI . Although, there are many underlying causes. The underlying causes of WWI have to do with the loose alliances, militarism, and imperialism. For starters, one of the many underlying causes of WWI was the loose alliances. Europe thrived for a balance …show more content…

According to a speech given by Prince Bernhard von Bulow, German Chancellor, “...we realize that without power, without a strong army and strong navy, there can be no welfare for us.” This shows that Europe felt like fighting was the way to find the balance in power that was sought for. Not to mention, Great Britain attempted to take over Germany’s sea. Germany had no worries because they spent a lot of money on the sea and Britain had invested a lot on their navy. Although, Britain had the most population of colonies which because to increase because of the workers, fighters, and natural resources. Imperialism is more important than the loose alliance and militarism because of the rapid spending of money ong the navy and army, and the different attacking strategies. In conclusion, there are many possible underlying causes of World War I. The loose alliances caused disagreements and unfairness through different countries. The strong militarism took a part in WWI as well because each country had their own taste of threat. Most importantly, imperialism had an impact on the underlying cause of WWI because of the vast land countries owned and the population in each nation. All in all, the loose alliances, militarism, and imperialism are underlying causes of World War

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