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Underlying Cause of WWI The war had numerous claimed reasons for the cause of World War 1. People claimed these three reasons, Militarism, Alliances, and Imperialism for having created this extensive conflict. Multiple individuals have declared that Militarism, Alliances, and Imperialism were the foremost options people viewed as the dispute cause. There were 8 countries that were involved, including , Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. War broke out by countries using Tanks, Airplanes, and even gas, This led to all conflict beginning in 1914 and finishing in 1919. The purpose behind people believing these underlying causes were because they all had their own opinions and experiences throughout the war, which influenced them to have their each and own opinion. One of the main causes included Imperialism, a rule by an emperor. The ruler of a country had a big impact on their country because they were the ones responsible for the damage they had ordered. For instance, on Document …show more content…

Such as, in Document C and D there is plenty shown that WWI was accompanied by Militarism. In Document C, The chart shown explains how much the military was involved in every country that was included in the war. One of the biggest countries who had spent most of their navy was Great Britain, this led to their military being very much vigorous on the battlefield because they spent more of their money on preparing their men for battle. On Document D There is also Militarism included. There is an article provided that shows the Author “Bulow” giving his non-bias answer on each country including Germany wanting to attack England. Throughout Militarism being a main cause, it is shown that the military had plentiful to do with the

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