World War 1 Dbq Essay

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The Industrial Revolution greatly impacted Europe and allowed them to start Imperialism. Europe started colonizing other countries and it became a competition. It soon started to get violent and thus began World War I. The causes of World War I were Militarism, Alliances, nationalism, imperialism, and assassination, but the most important cause was nationalism because all of Europe wanted to create their own national pride for their own countries, and they started ethnic issues.

Militarism and Alliances were 2 of the causes of WWI. In Document C, the graph shows the growth of militaries leading up to the war, and in the year 1914 there's the highest military enrollment. The alliances between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy convinced Russia, France, and Great Britain to create their own alliance, as shown in Document A. The different countries grew their militaries as their competitors’ militaries grew. They wanted to have the largest military, to seem the most powerful. The competition started to grow and the militaries started to war over …show more content…

Most of Europe started to imperialize and it started to become a race. Each country has over 1 million colonies, based on Document F. In Document B the countries are all blaming each other for “breaking the peace”, with Austria and Slovenia pointing their fingers at each other. With each country racing to colonize other countries it became such a big competition, that countries started to fight over the colonies. Each country wanted more and more land, as it contributed to the amount of power they had. The assassination of Austria-Hungary’s Archduke Francis Ferdinand was known to cause the war because there was already an ongoing feud between the Austrians and the Slavic people. This was because they wanted to have their native language be the language of the country.Between the competition, fighting, and killing, all of these factors contributed to start the

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