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In the early 1900s, Social Darwinism and nationalism ideology played a large role in how nations competed for land and power. The competition was a motivation for the desire to conquer and obtain land, therefore increasing the population within the country’s power. This increased population allowed for more people for trading, marketing, serving in the military, and other important aspects of European life at the time that increased the economic and political status. World War I, which broke out in 1914, was mainly caused by the desire for colonization, unbalanced militarism, and the conflict and treaties between alliances.
The desire for colonization was one of the main causes of World War I as it increased competition for nations, therefore …show more content…

Document A is a map of both the Triple Alliance, consisting of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary, and the Triple Entente, consisting of France, Russia, and Britain. This map helps display the alliances in Europe. It emphasizes that the alliances could cause conflict because they create a web, or domino effect, getting all of the nations involved. Additionally, Document B is an image of the different countries of both the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente placing blame on other nations. This image depicts the alliances fighting with one another and placing blame on each other, emphasizing the lack of communication and disagreement between nations, ultimately roping in all of the countries. Article 2 of Document G says, “In case Italy, without direct provocation on her part, should be attacked by France for any reason whatsoever, the two other Contracting Parties shall be bound to lend help and assistance with all their forces to the Party attacked.” Similarly, Article 3 of Document G says, “If one, or two, of the High Contracting Parties, without direct provocation on their part, should chance to be attacked and to be engaged in a war with two or more Great Powers non-signatory to the present Treaty, the casus foederis will arise simultaneously for all the High Contracting Parties.” Document G is regarding the Triple Alliance. Because the members of the Triple Alliance backed each other up, once one country went to war, it meant that all three countries went to war due to their agreement to support their partnering nations. This created a web of countries because once one country was involved, all the members of the alliances on both sides of the war got

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