America's Role In World War II

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There have been many wars. The American Revolution, French Revolution, Civil War, Mexican-American War, Spanish-American War, and World War I. This was originally the “War to end all wars,” but what about World War II? Though World War I was bad, World War II was way worse. You may ask why, and the answer to that is simple. Soviet Union. Atomic Bombs. Adolf Hitler. Communism. All these things had a major role in the war. This is why World War II was an important war in our world’s history, with many ways it has changed how the world works.
Let’s start off with the impact the beginning of World War II had on our world and the Soviet Union’s involvement.
First I’m going to explain how World War II started. Hitler thought that German people were better than everyone else. "Hitler believed Germans were to be the …show more content…

Another factor is american involvement, which also had a great impact on the the world, but it also had great impact on the war. They gave supplies, and were a major factor like the soviet union.
This is where I begin talking about america’s involvement. America had tried to stay out of this was because of World War I. "With the memory of World War I still fresh, Americans preferred a policy of total non-involvement and neutrality in world affairs."
Now I’ll talk about America’s impact on the war.The United States helped the Allied Armies in many ways and were able to help the allies win. "The United States played an essential role in the outcome of World War II. Its sustained production of supplies for the Allied armies enabled the troops to continue fighting in situations in which the enemies lacked support. The U.S. military leaders displayed extraordinary skills and strategies, while the troops they led fought with courage and determination. The willingness of Americans at home to work and sacrifice to give the troops all they needed also contributed to victory. With victory came a booming U.S. economy and the nation 's new status as a world

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