Us Neutrality In Ww2 Essay

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However, the U.S was not as neutral as the country claimed to be. Many leaders in White House leaned towards the Allies, this included Wilson. One of the most significant examples of this is the U.S trade with the Allied countries. When the war broke out, U.S trade with Britain and France skyrocketed. The U.S traded with Allies a considerable amount than it did with Germany. Trade with Germany fell to less than 1% than it previously did.4. The U.S traded with the Allies massive amounts of munitions and went to great extents to do so. The U.S sent many of their trades with ships that contained innocent civilians in attempt to cover up their intentions. When Germany shot down ships that contained munitions the innocent Americans were killed. This set an uproar within the country and blamed Germany. However, they did not keep in mind that the U.S government were using civilian lives as a shield for goods. Even though Wilson denied it, it was obvious the U.S supported the Allies. By risking innocent lives for the stake of trading with the Allies, this proves that the U.S was not as neutral as the country claimed to be. …show more content…

Wilson took extreme measures and dedicated many hours to keep the U.S out of the war. Wilson claimed the U.S’s neutrality because of the Wilsonian system. Wilson’s policy of peace was the reason why the U.S stayed neutral as long as it did. The American citizen’s support for isolationism backed up Wilson’s choice of being neutral. . Wilson wanted to keep the U.S out of the violence of WWI. Wilson viewed America as a nation of peace and he wanted to preserve this view. However, as time went on, the little things the U.S did while claiming its neutrality started to matter. Germans retaliated to the U.S trade with the Allies. One thing led to another and the U.S joined the war under the Allies’

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