Adolf Hitler's Role In The Holocaust

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Similar to the first World War, World War II was a dispute between powers and or countries and involved the death of million of civilians and militants of those disputing countries.There are many events that have made World War II significant and i will show you in this essay. World War II started basically because of one of the most known killer in the world Adolf Hitler. His role in the Holocaust is greatly significant because of the way that he punished, treated, and through of jews using concentration camps. In concentration camps jews were gassed, imprisoned and forced to do things that they didn't want to like forced labor. This war started when Hitler ran for president in Germany because saw the opportunity to gain the trust of the people. …show more content…

This is also known as the battle of the Bulge. The battle consisted of the loss of about 200,000 soldiers total.Eventually this led to the victory of the Allied forces. Without this siege the Axis powers may have eventually won World War II. Later on the United States plots a plan after s attack on Pearl Harbor. The best scientist is gathered to make the first atomic bomb that would be later dropped on Japan's biggest cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cities are completely destroyed and are unlivable. After that Japan finally surrenders ending World War II. If the U.S didn't bomb these cities the war would have continued pointlessly. The significance of all the events that World War II is that each of them has done something significant or insignificant that has affected the war. Not only the events but also the figures involved. For example, emperor of Hirohito was significant because he bombed Pearl Harbor and if he didn't the U.S may not have joined the war and the Axis may have won. FDR was significant because of his role he initially declared war on Japan which helped us win the war. Not only the leaders but the prime ministers, and heroes involved in the war were significant because of their what they did and their decisions on the battlefield that helped us win the

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