Why Is It Important To Remember The Battle Of The Bulge

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Bombs exploding and guns firing are a few of the extremely hard things that soldiers had to go through during the war. World War Two was a war that will forever be remembered. Many lives were lost and many legacies were left. Willis Wyatt was a soldier during World War Two, and he recalls many things from the war. While remembering World War Two, it is important to remember that receiving a purple heart is a very high honor, Victory in Europe Day marks a significant day in history, and The Battle of the Bulge was a notable turning point of the war. Receiving a purple heart is a very high honor that only a few soldiers are awarded. Wyatt was one of a small number of soldiers who received this award. Wyatt remembers, “We’d gone out and set …show more content…

Wyatt recalls where he was the day of the battle, “We were right alongside of the British during The Battle of the Bulge.” Battle of the Bulge is remembered by the soldiers who fought and many others around the world. This Battle is memorable because so many fought and so many were killed. The article “Battle of The Bulge” explains, “The Battle of the Bulge...was the largest battle fought on the Western Front in Europe during World War II; it is also the largest battle ever fought by the United States Army. It was a German offensive intended to drive a wedge between American and British armies in France… a massive gamble on the part of German dictator Adolf Hitler, one that he lost badly” (“Battle of The Bulge”). This battle is still remembered for being a turning point because of how badly the German army was damaged. The Axis powers thought that they could push the British and the American armies apart. Instead of pushing them apart and making them weaker it ended up making them stronger. The British and American armies were able to defeat the Axis powers. This victory is remembered as a turning point and as a battle that helped the Allied powers win the

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