How Did The Battle Of Vimy Ridge Affect My Community

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge and Its Impact on My Community

In April 1917 – at the height of the First World War – the Canadian Corps captured the coveted Vimy Ridge from the Germans. It was a battle that shaped Canada’s historical identity but resulted in over ten thousand casualties. Young men from Canadian cities and towns like Oshawa, Ontario were killed in action or died of wounds. Roads were built, schools were named, and monuments were erected in their honour. Over a century later, high school students and teachers travelled to France to remember the efforts made by these brave Canadians. The triumphs and losses experienced during the Battle of Vimy Ridge affected both the Allies in Europe and the families who supported them from …show more content…

Local archivist and historian Jennifer Weymark writes that former Oshawa citizen Phillip J. Phillips was “just one of several Oshawa residents to fight and give their lives at Vimy Ridge during the First World War.” For a small town that would not receive city status until 1924, such losses were acknowledged by the people of Oshawa with a heavy heart. These soldiers had once been young men who worked in automobile factories, planted crops on family-owned farms, and even built public facilities still in use today. Thus, their efforts in and out of the trenches continue to be recognized and commended in aspects of every day life. Though the world might remember them as privates and lieutenants, they were contributing members of a growing community long before enlisting for military service and even after making the ultimate sacrifice at Vimy …show more content…

Joined by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, students and teachers from Oshawa high schools laid wreaths at the feet of Canada Bereft and walked through trenches once occupied by Canada’s infantry. They described the experience as emotional and eye-opening, with many being the first in their family to see the graves of their ancestors. Grade 11 student Cameron Bonesso from Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic School adds, “it’s amazing to find out about people you didn’t even know were related to you, and they played such a big part in the war.” When young people are able to connect to the events of World War 1, their perception and appreciation of the sacrifices made by thousands changes dramatically. Educators in Oshawa recognize the importance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and encourage students to analyze the ways in which it has impacted their country, their community, and even their

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