Vimy Ridge Turning Point Essay

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge was an incredibly important battle that signified the turning point for Canada during World War 1. During the battle, all four divisions of the Canadian Army fought together as a single force. Unlike previous battles that were fought by the Allies in the war, a large amount of planning had been put into the assault in order to assure victory for the Canadians. The attack took place on April 9th, 1917; on Easter Sunday morning. The Canadians attacked the German lines, however, the Germans were not expecting the Canadian Corps’ new strategy. The Canadian Forces implemented a new strategy of having Canadian troops being protected by a barrages of artillery fire. Moreover, the Canadians also deployed airplanes to survey …show more content…

First of all, Canada was the only Allied country whose armed forces were successful in capturing Vimy Ridge. This showed the other Allied countries that Canada was able to succeed while being independent from the other nations. It also proved that Canada could manage themselves on their own without the help of the British Empire. In addition, the incredible victory helped create a larger sense of Canadian identity in our countries and in the World War. Vimy Ridge was also a valued strategic point that allowed Allied forces to move ahead into German lines. In fact, Vimy Ridge remained under Control of the British throughout the entire duration of the War. Moreover, after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, Arthur Currie became the new Commander of the Canadian Corps. The promotion of Arthur Currie was significant as it was the first time that the Canadian Corps was managed by a Canadian person. Furthermore, the strategy that the Canadians used to capture Vimy Ridge was incredibly successful, so much so that the Allied countries adopted the same strategy. This ultimately allowed the Allies to prevail against the enemy forces and gain an advantage during World War 1. Finally, the accomplishment of capturing Vimy Ridge was a part of the reason why Canada was given the honor of signing the Treaty of Versailles as a separate nation. As a result of this, Canada would not be overshadowed by the British empire and their decisions. Thus, the Battle of Vimy Ridge proved to be an event that allowed Canada to make their push for

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