War Of 1812 Dbq Essay

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The war of 1812 was the first official war declared by the United States, it put to test all the individual and united abilities the people had to offer. It tested their strength and way of handling limited resource among hard times. The cause of the war is mainly obscure to the people’s eyes, because of the lack of solid government authority at the time. It is not clear what the main causes of the war were, but one of the most solid reasons was to restore National honor. During the time, the Americans were in constant confrontation with the Indians. One of the most noticeable and talked about encounter was the Battle of Tippecanoe (Lapsansky-Werner pg. 215). This caused a lot of Native Americans to lose momentum, although a great majority …show more content…

Many war hawks had different opinions and points of view on why the war needed to take place. Some argued their liberty, and others argued land. When the war broke out, the nation was deeply divided between the Indians and Americans. So of they went, to confront the strongest power in the world during the time, unprepared, disunited, and with limited resources. The chances of victory seemed moderately favorable for the United States. Many factors like the population size, made the Americans come to the conclusion they had a big chance to win. Thomas Jefferson which was the president James Maddison’s, advisor didn’t see conquering Canada as a challenge. But he was proved wrong by being defeated in several battles during 1812-1813. Instead of the invasion boosting American pride, it embarrassed the nation. The United States was able to defeat the Indians who were allied to Canada, within the states. After the British finished the war with Napoleon, it freed thousands of troops, and now Britain was able to start firing back. They dispersed all throughout the states (Lapsansky-Werner pg.216). The British weren’t able to defeat the Americans so easily. They did though occupy the countries capitol in Washington D.C, where the white house was burned to get revenge for past American arson in

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