Why The Americans Won The War Of 1812 Essay

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The War of 1812 Essay By Sophie Rimer “History is written by the victor,” everyone says. But, in the war of 1812, there were no winners. War is complex but usually the victor is clear. You win a war when one of the countries in the war gets most of what they wanted. In the War of 1812, the winner should be decided by who got the most resources and thrived after the war. The only clear loser in this war was the First Nations, who lost everything. The Canadians, British and Americans all disagree on who won the war. I believe that the Americans won the war because they achieved almost all of their objectives, lost more soldiers but less important soldiers and the Americans destroyed almost all of toronto and when the British made an attempt to retaliate they didn't do much damage. …show more content…

In the War of 1812 ,their main competitors, the British, wanted to keep their land, trade and soldiers but only ended up keeping their land. The British might argue that they gave the Americans free trade and stopped needing soldiers but that is just the British being petty and not admitting that they lost. You might think the Canadians would be the clear winner because they wanted to keep their land and got to keep their land, but they weren't a major player in the battle and only worked on defence. The Americans wanted the Canadians’ land, new trade rules and for the British to stop stealing soilers and they almost got all of their objectives except to expand America to

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