How Is The War Of 1812 Informative Essay

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1) Staff. “War of 1812.”, A&E Television Networks, 2009, 1) A&E Televison Network have put together a well informative article on the War of 1812. Furthermore, this Article provides exclusive information and in depths event analysis aimed on the War of 1812. I choose this article to be able to use these valuables A&E Television Networked has analyzed and apply it to my arguments of the effects and impacts of America from the War of 1812, it also revises the conflicts between America and the Britain before, during, as well as after the great War of 1812 2)“The War of 1812 Article.” Summary About the End of the War of 1812, 2) The War of 1812 Article is also an informative article of …show more content…

This article displayed pre-war emotions which between the member of the War of 1812 which related to the causes of the War of 1812. This article also contains information on the conclusions on the war. This article was useful for my essay because it helped me discover important causes and conclusions of the War of 1812, which I then used to conclude Americans final winning results of the War. 5)Lambert, Andrew. “A British Perspective.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, 5)Lambert, Andrew. “A British Perspective.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, 5) "A British Perspective" is an article focusing on how the British during War of 1812 efforts were affected by American war efforts. I used this article to help me understand how the British reacted against Americans plans and attacks and how they were influenced throughout the war. This article also helps me decide whether the Americans did enough to be considered the winners of the War of 1812 as well as, whether the British thought they had lost the War of 1812 to the

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