The War Of 1812 Dbq Outline

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The development of The War of 1812 started because of France's downfall in the French and Indian War. Our triumph made France lose troops, money, trading opportunities, and territory. However, America won this war because of our loyalty to the British Royal Navy. In fact, because of Britain's involvement, France wanted to squander their economy. France suspected Britain was getting dangerously close to their French-colored states. At this time they owned and protected Louisiana. Which is why they asked Louisiana to gather intel. France soon found that Britain was trying to find a way to trade with the American Indians by the Ohio River Valley. According to ( both countries owned part of the river. The French claimed it was …show more content…

Starting with the Battle of Baltimore. This battle was fought on land and sea. British ships entered the Harbor because of a previous blockade that was secured earlier in the war. Their advantage of the sea gained them access to the Chesapeake Bay. They planned to destroy one of the busiest ports in America and try to force peace. However, the citizens of Fort McHenry were prepared after recent events in the war. The British attempted to not only fight over the sea but as well as on land. This battle ignited the author of our nation's national anthem. "The Star-Spangled Banner'', by Francis Scott Key. British ships attacked the harbor with cannons and newly developed rockets, "The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air". In an attempt to distract the citizens of Fort McHenry on the harbor, the British had troops on land at North Point so there would be 2 points of attack dividing their defenses. This battle lasted for 2 days, "Gave proof through the night", and because the citizens of Fort McHenry were clearly prepared which made them victorious. A humiliating loss for Britain helped gain American morale. The last war of 1812, was the Battle of New Orleans, which was in January 1815. Unaware of the agreements happening across the Atlantic, British fleets of more than 50 ships sailed into the Gulf of Mexico and prepared to attack New Orleans, which was strategically located in the Mississippi River. In hope of gaining control of New Orleans to expand into territory in the US through the Louisiana Purchase. Once General Andrew Jackson arrived he immediately responded to British sightings in Lake Borgne by enforcing martial law. Requiring every weapon and capable man around the city can help defend. Jackson also drafted several civilians, soldiers, and enslaved people to build breastworks from the Mississippi to a large swamp. This structure was known as “Line Jackson'' (Britannica). The

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