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The War of 1812 was a war fought by Great Britain and America. This war occurred due to the British causing issues and breaking rules put in place by the Treaty of Paris. Though this was a forgotten war due to no sides benefiting from it, it still is widely considered to be the Second American Revolution. The War of 1812 should be considered as the second American Revolution because of the similarities between the two disputes with Britain. America was fighting for their rights and independence against the British, like in the first revolution. James Madison declared this war on the British because of acts that the Americans didn’t think was fair, just like the first revolution. Prior to the war of 1812, the British were keeping forts on America's side of the Great Lakes which was disobeying the territorial laws put in place. They were also supplying American Indians with weaponry which threatened the Americans. However, the largest issue was that Britain kept on taking American ships at sea and interfering with Americans foreign affairs with Europe. Just like when Britain taxed the colonists without their representation, …show more content…

In the Treaty of Paris (1783), the US was granted full independence and all territory east of the Mississippi River. However, this was tarnished after the British went into territory they weren’t supposed to be in and seized American ships while also impressing American soldiers. This relates to the War of 1812 because in the Treaty of Ghent, it never stated anything on impressment or trade embargo, which still made those issues unresolved, just like how they were by the end of the first Revolution. The basic idea is that the British take advantage of the U.S. by either breaking rules already put in place, or doing things that are wrong but the U.S. never directly stated was

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