The War Of 1812 Was The Cause Of Madison's War

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The War of 1812, also known by certain people as Madison’s war. The war of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain which had lasted from June 18, 1812 into February 18, 1812. The war was mostly caused by economic conflicts and national pride. The war mostly naval war in North America’s territory. The territories that it was fought in was alongside the Gulf of México, Canadian borders, and in the Chesapeake Bay. The naval battles had also become famous in the sea and in the Great Lake. The peace treaty that ended this conflict was first signed on December 23, 1814, at Ghent (in modern-day Belgium) but it wasn’t fully accepted until February 18, 1815. The war of 1812, also known by certain people as Madison’s war. The War of 1812 was cause by many conflicts it consisted of issues in foreign countries and conflicts in the United States. This war was caused by France and Britain on going war at the moment which was called Great Britain vs. France. Great Britain didn’t want America to help the France so Great Britain set up a partial blockade not leading America trade with …show more content…

The Native American had seen what was going on with other native tribes and how they were being removed from their territories and having settlers moving in. They didn’t like the fact that the settlers were expanding their territory and removing them from their territory. The Native American were under the control of Tecumseh which were the ones rebelling against the settlers due to their expansion. The war was also caused by war hawks; war hawks are people who desire for war. These people were moist common around the 1812 due to the conflicts going in the foreign countries and on their own territories. The war hawks wanted to kick all the British in Canada. Congressman Henry Clay who demanded that the British troops be removed from Canadian

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