Treaty Of Ghent Essay

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Before the Treaty of Ghent was signed, a convention was held in Hartford by angry Federalist. These Federalist wanted changes in the constitution and an amendment that would stop a ban on trade beyond at least 60 days, two-thirds vote of the House must agree to declare war and a president cannot be elected from the same state as the other. Many northern states supported these idea, but because this convention was held in secret it was seen as an act of treason. As a result, there was a decline in power for the Federalist Party. Two weeks after The Treaty of Ghent was signed in December 1814, in January of 1815 rumors of American victory in New Orleans had been heard everywhere. The terms of the Ghent was that America gained fishing right to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the boundary line between Canada and America was restored, and “status quo ante bellum” or everything should go back to normal before war. Britain agreed to stop impressing American sailors. However , the treaty created hostility that continued between Britain and America until it was ratified by Congress in February 1815, The U.S the cost of this battle was $105 million . America’s debt rose from $45 million in …show more content…

Madison asked Congress to keep an army of 20,000, but Congress thought this was a little steep. Instead Congress, decided to have an army of 10,000 on March 3, 1815. America began to train and organize the soldiers. Also, the battle weakened the Native Americans who sided with Britain. AFter Britain started losing battles against the U.S., Great Britain stopped supporting the Native Americans. Without the support from the European republic, western tribe military power started to deteriorate quickly.And because Indians were weakened, it opened the door for Manifest Destiny ( western expansion).The battle interjected trade and Americans were forced to make their goods that they would usually

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