Our Nation's History: The War Of 1812

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The War of 1812 was a crucial event in our nation’s history. After the separation from Britain through the American Revolution, Americans began settling into their new homeland with hopes of living prosperously. Heavy sanctions though, were kept on the Americans through trade and limited territorial expansion. The war began with the invasion of the American troops into the Canadian border against England. The American militia endured several losses against the troops of England. In August 1814, the capital Washington, D.C. was captured and burned. American troops however, gained morale by detaining the British troops against the invasions of major cities such as New York, New Orleans, and Baltimore. The war ended with the ratification of the peace treaty between Britain and the United States of America, the Treaty of Ghent in1815. …show more content…

It gave national pride and created a closer union among the states and people. The Americans were not granted any further land and restrictions on trade were not ultimately lifted, but the country did begin a shift from the previously hierarchical society to a new dynamic self-governing culture. This war paved the way for the people to more freely express their right to govern. I believe historians see the importance for independence within the War of 1812 because looking back, we can see the developmental changes in the country following the war 's end. We see the changes in how the states govern themselves, and how they conduct business with other countries. The self-governed power of the United States rose greatly through this war. Patriotism was greatly accepted and the passion of the people for the United States widely

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