Proclamation To Destroy West Florida Essay

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Social Issue:
Proclamation to Occupy West Florida- During James Madison’s first term as president he had issued to occupy West Florida, he believed that it was included in the Louisiana Purchase gained by the previous president Thomas Jefferson. The Proclamation was officially signed on October 27, 1810, (Milli center). However, months before, rebels seized West Florida and offered it to the United States as an independent republic. French officials stated that it was not included in the Louisiana Purchase. Spain grew angry with the United States and sided with France in the war between France and Britain. Both countries continued their attacks on American shipping. Overall, this issue strengthened America as a nation for several reasons. Because Madison had claimed the territory the British could not use it as a military base if the United States decided to join the war in the future. It also strengthened the nation and allowed for further expansion of the country.

Economic Issue:
Forming the Second Bank- The second Bank of the United States was formed for many reasons. …show more content…

The war was costly, however, it became a significant part of James Madison's presidency that ultimately allowed the United States to grow and gain respect from nation all across Europe. They were no longer viewed as the small insignificant nation like in its colonial past. The Treaty of Ghent signed in Belgium on December 24, 1814, marked the end of the War of 1812 (History). It spoke on nothing of impressment, the main issue that fueled the war, however, it returned all captured land to each country. It gave the Great Lakes region to the United States for expansion, and became a major diplomatic victory for the United States. The next couple of years of the United States would be spent focusing on the ideas of repairing the economy, diplomatic relations with Britain, and expanding the

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