The Revolutionary War: A Significant Event In American History

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The Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War, also known as the American Revolution, was a significant event in American History. The rising tensions between the colonies and Britain created a desire for colonists’ independance. The revolution can be described as “...a political upheaval”(1), taking place between 1775 and 1783. In the war, the best of American character was displayed as the colonists prevailed againsts all odds. Rejecting the rule of Britain the colonists overthrew their monarchy to gain independence and founded the United States of America as a democracy. Events such as the Intolerable Acts and the Stamp Act, along with taxation without representation, caused the colonists to break from British control. The relationship between Britain and the thirteen colonies consisted of an ongoing pattern between conflict and support. After The Seven Years war Britain was left with French’s land in the Americas and a large amount of debt. The war produced a very contradicting effect. It first fused the bonds between …show more content…

The Battle of Yorktown would end the war between American and Britain. The battle took place in Yorktown Virginia, beginning on September 28th of 1781 and continued until October 19th 1781. America was lead by George Washington and aided by the French General Rochambeau who were put against British General Lord Cornwallis. The combined army of American and French soldiers arrived in Yorktown on September 28th and started a Siege on British forces. The American troops bombarded the British army, and on October 14th the Continental Army attacked and defeated the last of the British 's remaining defenses. On October 17th, 1781, a British officer waving a white flag signaled a want to discuss terms of surrender. Britain 's surrender solidifies American a independence and The Revolutionary War comes to an end with the Treaty of Paris. The Treaty of Paris states that Britain recognized American independence and ceded all land east of the

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