Battle Of Saratoga Essay

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The Battle of Saratoga in September and October of 1777 is the turning point of the Revolutionary War because the French joined with allies, British troops surrendered their arms, and the Patriots had crucial victories. It was a victory for the Patriots in the American Revolution and is the most decisive battles in history. The Battle began as a plan by the British to control New York and isolate New England from the Southern colonies and put an end to the Revolution. Which ended as an opportunity for the Patriots. The British had planned to go south from Montreal to Albany, NY by the water route of Lake Champlain, Lake George, and the Hudson River. Then once they were in Albany they would join other British groups from New York and Mohawk …show more content…

Where the British lost men to the ratio 2:1 to the colonists. The second battle, the Battle of Bemis Heights, on October 7th, 1777 is named Victory NY now is where the Saratoga Monument is placed and memorializes that day. The colonists winning the Battles of Saratoga caused British general Burgoyne to return to England and never give another command. This is why the Battles of Saratoga are considered the major turning point in the American Revolution. Others might say the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle, where the British attempted to seize Patriot arms is the turning point. Some might say the Battle of Bunker Hill where General Gage sent 2,400 redcoats to fight colonists where the colonists lost was the turning point because it was the deadliest battle. Winter at Valley Forge where Washington and his troops were low on food supplies since it was harsh winter and 1/5 of every Soldiers died and made continental the troops stronger and more disciplined. One more flip side would be last major battle of the war, Battle of Yorktown, where American and French made Cornwallis surrender his British troops. So, there for the turning point in the Revolutionary War is considered the crucial Battles of Saratoga where the Patriots had a crucial victory in both wars. Therefore, the turning point in the Revolutionary War was the battle of Saratoga because British troops surrendered their arms, French joined their allies, and the Patriots had crucial

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