The War Of 1812: Conflict Between England And France

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The War of 1812 was part of a larger conflict that stemmed between England and France. From 1789-1815 England and France were locked in a constant power struggle for global superiority. America joined the conflict for a few reasons, many felt that the British had not yet come to honor the United States as an authorized country. So gaining the respect and territory from its old rulers was important to America. Along with pride and territory, British impressment of American sailors was another issue the Americans needed to deal with. The British was forcibly drafting American sailors at sea. Another goal America had in joining the War was to reestablish and secure trade routes with France. The English was blocking American trade with France. Both the impressment of American Sailors and blocking trade with France was spilling over policies England had adopted during the prosecution of the war with France. And finally England blatant support of Native American groups that preyed on American settlers along the frontier had to be stopped. Although technically no one won the war. All four of Americans goals were …show more content…

It also ended Americans ambitions to annex Canada. No longer looking north, and settling many disputes with England, this gave America the time and resources to expand westward and settle the recently-acquired Louisiana Territory without interference. This was the catalyst that sent America on a collision course with Mexico. Another consequence of the War of 1812 was a willingness from both Americans and the British to talk over their differences versus going directly to war. This allowed for the establishment of borders and fishing rights with a shot ever being fired. The American philosophy for fighting war changed as well. Rather than militia, Americans built a regular army. A professional army who received regular pay, were extensively trained, and had a merit based system of

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