Economic Expansion In The United States Following The War Of 1812

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Discuss and analyze the economic expansion in the United States following the War of 1812. This essay includes the analysis change in the economic areas of: agriculture, and industry. While also examining how new economic and demographic pressures created by the expansion impacted relationships and attitudes looking through professions, gender relationships, and family. Even though the war itself had no clear result, it served as a defining moment in the historical backdrop of the republic. In 1812, the United States was at war with Great Britain. British successful attempts to restrict U.S trade, impressment of American seaman, and the desire to expand its power resulted in provoking the war. Great Britain began cutting off supplies from reaching the French, who were their enemy. In doing so, the British also stopped the United States from supplying the French and the ability for them to trade with the other countries. The British managed this by creating a blockade along the eastern seaboard. Between 1803-1812, the British imprisoned about 6,000 American sailors and forced them to work on British ships, due to the lack of men required to operate their ships. The American population also believed that the British were rousing up the Native Americans to fight against them. Leaders such as Henry Clay along with the people demanded war against Britain. …show more content…

Although, the Treaty of Ghent ended the war, it had nothing to do with the maritime issues that had caused the war in the first place. Nor did it say that the powers of Europe would respect its rights. But instead it, opened the Great Lakes region to American expansion. Americans main attempt was to create a freer trade and sailors’ rights state, but was far from bringing the enemy to terms, and although the nation was lucky enough to escape without making extensive concessions to itself the war ended how it existed before the

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