A Comparison Of The War Between France And The Embargo Act Of 1803

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In 1803 a great conflict arose between France and England known as the Napoleonic Wars. These wars would go on for years and would affected America greatly. Eventually the Napoleonic Wars war came to an impasse with neither fractions being able to get the upper hand on the other. Both England and France then decided to target each other’s trade partners in order to weaken their forces by leaving them without necessary supplies or food. Unfortunately the United States was both England’s and France’s trade partner. As such both countries then proceeded to violated America’s neutral rights by blockading and apprehending American ships.
For many years both Great Britain and France seized and blockaded American ships in order to cut off their enemy’s supplies this did not sit well with the United States since they relied heavily on trade with these countries for manufactured goods. England however was worse much worse compared to France, England had seized and blockaded double the number of American ships and went as far as impressing American sailors. …show more content…

With the many blockades and seizers of American naval vessels and the inclusion of the Embargo Act of 1807 and the Non-Intercourse Act, trade was at an all-time low and America was unable to obtain many manufactured goods that it desperately needed. Eventually America elected to start making its own manufactured goods since they had many of the resources needed to make them. One of the greatest help to these young industries was the Tariff of 1816 the first protective tariff issued by the United States. Its intention was to protect the American Industry by placing high taxes on cheaper foreign goods so that American made products could compete with foreign product prices. This protective tariff would help American Industries prosper and grow which would eventually help lead to the industrial

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