Causes Of The War Of 1812 Essay

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pd.2 The War Of 1812 In the War of 1812, the Us went up against the greatest naval power in the world, Great Britain. In a conflict that would impacted on the young country’s future.The immediate causes of the war of 1812 were a series of economic sanctions taken by the british and french against the us as part of the napoleonic wars and american outrage at the british practice of the impressment especially after the chesapeake incident of 1807. in 1812 with president madison in office congress declared war against the british. the war began with an attack on canada, both as an effort to gain land …show more content…

Is John quincy Adams- sixth president of the US (1825-1829) and leading formulator of american diplomacy.isaac Brock-the general who commanded the British forces in canada during the War of 1812. Henry Clay-Kentucky congressmen and senator throughout the first of the 19th century. During the war of 1812, clay was speaker of the house and the leading war-hawk. Thomas Cochrane- British Admiral who commanded the Royal Navy’s actions in the war of 1812, particularly the naval aspects of the assaults on baltimore and New Orleans. William Henry Harrison- ninth us present. Major General Harrison became famous for his victory over Tecumseh at Tippecanoe. Andrew Jackson- also known as “Old Hickory” Jackson was the seventh us president (1829-1837) Jackson became popular thanks to several indian campaigns against the creek indians and his stunning victory over British forces at New Orleans in January of 1815. Thomas Jefferson-the third US president (1800-1808) Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independance and the leading American political philosopher. Despite the unpopularity of his 1807 Embargo Act,he was followed in the presidency by his hand-picked successor James Madison. Francis Scott Key- american lawyer detained by the British who, after seeing the american flag remain atop fort Mchenry during its nighttime bombardment in 1814 was inspired to write the star-spangled banner.Thomas

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