French And Indian War Causes

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The French and Indian War, or the Seven Years War, began in 1754, as a result of conflict over territory and trade in North America. As both countries conquered the new land, letting their civilians settle there as colonists with the sole purpose of providing money for their homeland, they encountered the Ohio Valley; land that was assured to contribute to each of their imperialist motives. During the war where French troops allied with the native Americans against Britain, the laws given to the British colonies were left unmonitored, and the colonists evaded the strict taxation and rules against trading with other countries. However, when the war ended in 1763, resulting in a British victory, Britain was left a multitude of problems. This included the great national debt of approximately 122 million British pounds. Thus, they began to focus on how the colonists would contribute to pay off that debt. By …show more content…

The Navigation Acts restricted foreign trade to competition with other countries, while reducing the chances of the colonies becoming an independent nation; in addition, all British products that were to be sent to the colonies were heavily taxed in order to create more profit. The Sugar Act placed tax on sugar, wine, and coffee, and denied any colonist accused of smuggling trial by jury, eventually leading to a drastic plummet in the rum industry. Finally, the Stamp Act, an act that was passed without the consent of the colonists, that taxed any paper or document in order to gain money from the colonists for Britain, ultimately leading to the colonists revolting against Britain, and writing newspapers that promoted the idea of independence from the imperialist nation that had repeatedly denied them their liberty, democracy, and

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