Comparing The War Of Jenkins Ear And The Seven Years Of War

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According to Sir Edward Burnett Tylor , “Everything that is really Mexican is either Aztec or Spanish” . While Mexico boasts a rich and independent culture today, before 1810 it lived under the rule of the Spanish colonial authorities . Spain’s conquest and dominion over the American continents is just one example of the European race for an American empire. As Britain, France, Russia and the Dutch scrambled for territory and resources, a new age of ceaseless conflict and rapid expansion sparked across the world. The conquest of the American continents provided all new areas for dispute, the modernization of military and shipping technologies, rapid economic growth, and a renewed concept of the Holy Roman Empire, which heavily affected the ongoing conflicts between the European colonial powers. While claiming to bring civilization to the untamed wilds , conflict in the Americas didn’t end as the Europeans created their empires. With new and growing territories, came new and growing tensions between neighboring powers, and these tensions often ignited into international conflicts. In these conflicts the…show more content…
The Seven Years’ War signified the greatest reflection of European to American hostilities. While Spain and France fought fiercely against the British on the continent and in the seas, in British North America the war clashed as France and its indigenous allies laid claim to the Ohio Territory . This would lead the colonists to refer to the conflict as the French and Indian War, named after the combatants the Colonial British faced . This conflict would resolve in favor of the British, and simultaneously would set the scene for French involvement in the American race for independence in 1776. While war shaped the foundations of colonial development it also proved to be a key in colonial
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