Why Was The French And Indian War Important To The Formation Of America?

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War is a universal component and is integral to the history of many countries around the world. The formation of the United States of America could arguably be said to be structured through the course of many wars whether domestic or international. One of these wars significant to the identity and history of America is that of The French and Indian War otherwise known as the Seven Years’ War.
The French and Indian war began in 1754 and was actually a conflict between Great Britain and France extending into North American territories (Johnson, 2008). The war began due to a series of conflicts regarding land between the British and their Iroquois allies, and the French and their own Native allies. Despite the ongoing territorial tensions, both …show more content…

France had claimed vast territories such stretching through parts of the Mississippi Valley, Louisiana and Canada while the British had control of the 13 colonies and their regions. The initial land dispute that spiraled out of control occurred in the Ohio River Valley. Initially the border dividing British and France lands were not that distinctive. In an effort to strengthen the claim on the territory, the French Constructed forts in that region. This location was strategically important and desired by both the French and British due to the instance that rivers benefited in transporting goods. The colony of Virginia was less than thrilled and in response to those French Forts sent George Washington to deliver a message to the French as well as remove the forts the British claims of the contested region was denied by the French and Washington was sent on his way back (Johnson, 2008). When the reply was taken back to Virginia colonial legislature the response from the French was seen as hostile, Washington was promoted to Colonel and advised to go on yet another expedition to further compel the French to surrender the forts (Johnson, 2008). Attempts to expel the French in 1754 failed as Washington and his men were outnumbered and …show more content…

Although Britain won the war, the Americans used the defeat as fuel for the future. Despite Great Britain's victory the colonists were only angered more with what the war brought in the form of taxation and other annoyances Another thing to consider was that the war considerably weakened Britain not much as weakening the army and soldiers, but their economy. As a result, when the colonists would threaten Britain with boycotts threats it was very effective and powerful eventually leading to the American Revolution. The French also saw an opportunity to further weaken the British and so they helped the Americans with their Navy and money. Afterwards, by observing Britain’s form of government as well as their taxation, America was able to adapt, change, and apply a better form of Britain’s practices that was better for all. The very essence of these events displays the the American identity through unification and an unshakeable idea of independence (Palmer,

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