Key Conflicts In The Constitutional Convention

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Chapter 1.4 and 2 Study Guide After reading chapter 1.4 and chapter 2, please define the following terms and answer the following questions in your own words. Enlightenment-ideas about nature that led to a movement in which philosophers valued reason and scientific methods Great Awakening- a revival of religious feeling in the American colonies during 1730’s-1750 French and Indian War- a conflict in N orth America, lasting from 1754 to 1763, that was a part of a worldwide struggle between France and the transfer of French Canada to Britain Proclamation of 1763- an order in which Britain prohibited its American colonists from settling west of the Appalachian mountains. Sons of Liberty- was an organization of dissidents that originated in …show more content…

Under the Articles of Confederation was a new set of laws that were set up by the new government. Problems that occurred was that land was to be split and people on Northwest Territory had to get the land split into different states. At first this was a problem, but it led to the Land of Ordinance and the Northwest Ordinance which was a Confederation success. A negative was a need for a stronger government which started Shay’s Rebellion. This was a rebellion for farmers where people died and there were rebels. 8. Explain at least two of the key conflicts in the Constitutional Convention. a. In the constitutional convention one of the conflicts that came to hand was that equal representations were given to all the states, big and small. People thought this was unfair, until the Virginia Plan took place which allowed for the smaller states with bigger populations. Another issue was that finally when each state got a certain amount of representatives based off of their population, the southern states wanted their slaves to count as people, allowing for them to be given more representatives. This was solved with the three-fifths compromise allowing for slaves to count as 3/5’s of a person. 9. Why did Antifederalists oppose the Constitution? How did Federalists convince some of them to ratify the

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