Analysis Of Compromises Made At The Constitutional Convention

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Compromises Made at the Constitutional Convention

Under the Articles of Confederation the government was weak and had little success. Shay’s Rebellion led to the changing of the laws made on the government under the Articles of Confederation. It also led to a convention which introduced the idea of making a new form of government. In 1787 the Constitutional Convention awoke the ideas of making new compromises that the Founding Fathers had to face. Two of the most important compromises included the voting on president which was called the electoral college system and the decision making of how to ratify the Constitution. Many significant events, occurrence and people had a major role on the new and improved constitution which we use to this …show more content…

The thought of the common people to choose on who become the new developed states president had became an unsatisfying choice in the Founding Fathers minds. The common people to them were those who had little to none education and figured that the Congress should make this significant choice. Congress at this time was broken down into bicameral parts the house of representatives and senators. The common people were furious by this opposition why should someone else choose for a president if this is a democracy and an everyday person should have more say. They want the direct vote over the government out of all things. It lead to the conclusion of instating the electoral college system which involved both common people and electors which represented their state. The electors were the number of house of representatives plus two senators that each state had. On election day which took place in November every four years the people (population) would vote on the running candidates for president. Days or weeks later electors would cast their individual vote which determine what president would win that state vote for the election. Electors had the final say out the whole voting process. In order for an candidate to win Presidency they had to have 270 electoral votes …show more content…

In order for this new government they wanted to change the Articles of Confederation which they had followed under. But this government has gave too much power to the state and federal had barely any say or could control their people which got out of control. The next idea would have to change the articles or either decide to make a new government.Ratifying the constitution had to be approved by all Founding Fathers and also 9 out of the 13 states had to approve of this new government. The federalist became a group of people that were in favor of the constitution and were ready to put into place this new government. Members of this group consist of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. In their opinion they felt that this new government had help a strong and powerful element of the development of the United States. The government would be divided into three branches which would be known as legislative, judicial and executive branches it was ensured so the government wouldn’t become too powerful and abuse it's power against it's people like England had did. They also had two levels of government the federal government which governed the whole country but also shared power with the state government. Every state would have it's own form of government but were protected by the federal government. In order for people to be in favor of making this new

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