How Did The Stamp Act Contribute To The Revolutionary War

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I remember the night very clearly. I was ten years old the night my dad came home complaining about a new act that King George had passed. This act was called the Stamp Act. Little did we know at the time that this act would lead to many things. He said that they were making us pay for a stamp for every single piece of paper we bought. This included the newspaper, wills, deeds, pamphlets and even playing cards. The colonists did not want to pay the tax, not because of the money that they had to pay but because they had to pay for a war that they were not involved in. He said the reason we had to do this is because Britain was in great debt from the war with France. Since we benefited from the war the British government decided that we should …show more content…

Some of the things that happened soon after they passed the Stamp Act was colonial resistance. Colonists did not want to be taxed on a war they didn 't even fight in or have a say in. The war was France and Britain fighting over who got control over North America. All the colonists were doing was living there and the war did not involve them. Also, violators of the Stamp Act could be tried and convicted without juries in the vice-admiralty courts. So that means they could be tried without a jury in the court which was not fair. Also, the colonists started vehemently resisting. “They insisted that only their representative assemblies could levy direct, internal taxes, such as the one imposed by the Stamp Act. They rejected the British government 's argument that all British subjects enjoyed virtual representation in Parliament, even if they could not vote for member of the Parliament.” This means that the colonists did not enjoy the Parliament so they rejected Britain 's argument because they did not agree with it. Some people started hinting that there was dark designs behind the Stamp Act. The thought that “the tax was a gradual plot to deprive the colonists of their freedoms and to enslave them beneath a tyrannical regime.” People were very worried about this and they did not want it to happen. They just wanted to live in America with their

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