How Did The Seven Years War Change America

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The Seven Years War, also known as “The Duel for North American” took a major part in American’s independence. This war had the Native Indians (controlled by Great Britain at the time) and the Europeans (mainly the French) at neck and neck for the domination over North America. The Seven Years’ War provoked many changes to America, some stayed the same but for the most part, it was a new change, which included new politics, land acquisitions and colonization. Without this war, America may have never gotten their independence and still be under Great Britain’s control. The acts that happened were one of the several steps for America to reach their independence. Before the Seven Years’ War, the French had landed on the Indians’ land (which was owned by Great Britain) and hoped for peace and collaboration. France lived a good lifestyle and their Protestant religion was a success. Great Britain and its colonies closer than ever and their American Militia did most of the safety procedures that took care of Great Britain’s colonies. Great Britain’s colonies had to pay taxes for their future empire near the seas. However since both the French and the British hoped for an increase in their land expanding west, for their “empires” one would have to get the land …show more content…

Greenville needed money since the debt was around 140 million euros and the money was needed for the new militiamen. The only way to get this money was out of the colonists thus leading to different acts and the bloody massacres. A few acts were made before the infamous Stamp Act in 1765, however, the colonists had no interest in giving away so much money; soon this led the colonists to rebel and create “No Stamp Act.” This provoked the American Revolution in 1765, which lasted almost 20 years, and in 1767, the Boston Massacre

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