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The three most influential presidents include Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington because of their impact on settling the land and growing the nation. First, the video notes entitled “QAD Chart for JQ Adams to Polk” discusses some of Andrew Jackson’s notable actions in office. Jackson opened land to the west by creating the Indian Removal Act of 1835, which evicted the Native Americans east of the Mississippi River. Jackson’s defining moment, however, was when he changed the presidency to have more power over the economy, government, landscape, and people. Andrew Jackson was so important to U.S. history that the period of when he served was called the “Age of Jackson”. This emphasizes the fact the Jackson is one of the …show more content…

He forced the Indians west, something unfair, but necessary for the growth of our small country. Second, the audio notes entitled “Cabinet Battle #1 and #2 analysis” explores some of Jefferson's biggest achievements. It mentions how he established the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. It also says that was the Secretary of State, and a good friend of France, establishing our relationship with the French. Also, in his very last argument of the second cabinet battle, he shows Hamilton how the only reason he’s won was because Washington was behind him. These two pieces of evidence emphasize how Jefferson’s work for our country was crucial for our country’s development each in their own way. The Declaration of Independence was America's first act of becoming a separate nation of Great Britain. It contained the ideals of our nation, the complaints against the British king, and the arguments the colonists used to explain why they wanted to be free of British rule. Only the most patriotic men wrote it because they knew what they wanted in a …show more content…

4.1 - pg. 156 EQ: How did Washington set the course for the new nation?” focuses on Washington’s accomplishments in making the new nation. Washington set up the departments Treasury, State, and War, appointing only the best men for the jobs. Washington also appointed the first Attorney General and first Chief Justice. Washington prevented the Whiskey Rebellion from getting out of hand by organizing a militia force to scare the rebels. He also ended his presidency after his second term, setting a new precedent. This evidence addresses how Washington basically created the base of what the US represented. He created a economic department, a foreign department, a defense department, a chief lawyer, and a Chief Justice that all acted in unison to create a stable country. Washington also prevented conflict without mass deaths. He just threatened them enough for them to realize that it wasn’t worth fighting for. When Washington was becoming a national hero, he made a precedent that would change the view of the U.S. forever. We would be seen as strong, and when a president does eventually lose office, the nation will learn to move

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