The Revolutionary War: The Most Important Pieces Of America's Past

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The Revolutionary War is perhaps one of the most important pieces of America’s past. It has helped to shape this country into what it is today. If this event had not taken place, this country would likely not be here, or in the conditions it is in. Freedom, government, and pride are just a few of the many effects of the Revolutionary War. One major reason that the Revolutionary War is important is that the victory of the war meant independence for the colonies. If this war had not been won, the colonies would likely not have been able to gain freedom as Britain had one of the strongest militaries during the 1700s. However, this challenge was won, and therefore meant independence. The Declaration of Independence was used to state the independence of a new country, the United States of America. If the war had not been won, independence would not have been given, and America most likely would not be what it is today. Another reason that the war is impactful is that it led to the ability to have government. The government was also finally able to publish laws. Without success in the war, having a good government would be difficult. This is because in …show more content…

Before this war, people were ruled by Britain. When Britain taxed the colonies and fired upon Lexington and Concord, a feeling of unity of the Patriots was needed in order to fight. This was the start of a feeling of nationalism within America. When the war was won, the United States were able to truly feel nationalism. Without victory over Britain, nationalism may never have come to be a major part of America. As shown, the Revolutionary War was a very important piece of America’s past. It resulted in independence for the colonies, which otherwise may not have happened. It has impacted the government greatly. It has also given this country a sense of nationalism. In conclusion, the Revolutionary War was one of the most important causes of what America is

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