Why Was The American Revolution Important

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The American Revolution was a historical period in our nation’s legacy, and shaped the outcome of our country, the land of the free, as it is today. Being so close to the historic to the city of Boston, it’s important to recognize the crucial role the city had in the revolution. From 1761-1773, a series of events established a movement in British North America, starting in Boston in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and was embraced by more as English colonists filled their duty to play an active role in protecting their freedom and rights as British subjects. These events, the Stamp Act, The Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party was a succession of events in which the people of Boston were reminding their government, the British Parliament, that they have crossed a line. By imposing taxes and oppressive policies on the American colonies, the British Parliament threatened their traditions of self-government and Bostonians defied them. …show more content…

Boston was one of the most premier shipping ports, third in the British Empire behind London and Bristol. However, Boston’s economy over time increasingly became stagnate. This was due to the fact that shipbuilding and limited exports such as whale oil and timber, Boston’s main exports, were not unique to Massachusetts, as rice was to South Carolina for example, and could be found in other coastal ports. This eventually led to an economic depression in the Boston area. The city’s economic structure was even more negatively impacted by the massive fire in March 1760, which burned over 175 warehouses and shops in addition to over 175 homes. This trend of epidemics would continue for Boston as contracting jobs and soldiers were not needed anymore due to the ending of the French and Indian War in

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