The Impact Of The French And Indian War On Native Americans

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The French and Indian War impacted the United States relation with the Native Americans by having the Native choose sides, and mistrust the whites. The French and Indian War lasted from 1756 to 1763, and it was mainly a war between Britain and France. Britain and France had a rivalry against each other during this time, and they were fighting on who could get more land in America. Different native tribes allied themselves with either France or Britain because it took place on their territory, but later the alliance broke. Many natives “were never again in a position to deal with their white rivals on terms of military or political equality,” The broken alliance from the natives between the French and the British caused a lot of Native Americans to distrust the whites. This impacts later upcoming wars between the Natives and other people. The distrust could have been prevented by the countries not competing for land that is occupied, or by not having the tribes get involved. Because of the land the French and British were fighting over, the Natives had to join sides. It would have been equitable if the countries listened to the Native’s opinion, or not fight over land that is already claimed by natives. …show more content…

Having the settlers move out more west angered many native tribes, and they wanted a say on people going onto their land. The attacks on the settlers angered the government, and they sent out an army to secure a white settlement. The US Army was successful in winning, and because of this the Treaty of Fort Greenville was formed. It gave the settlers the right to migrate westward, and build a settlement. The natives were not happy with this, and it angered them even more. The French and Indian War already made the native distrust whites, and having them moved onto their land caused a

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