How Did Andrew Jackson Play A Role In The Battle Of New Orleans

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The Battle of New Orleans was a series of different fights. Some of the fights were larger than others. These battles were fought from December 14, 1814 to January 18th, 1815. This was the last battle of War of 1812. The Americans were commanded by someone named Major General Andrew Jackson who we all know had a previous history with America. The goal for the end of this war was to prevent a much larger British army from seizing New Orleans. We were also fighting for the territory the United States had already received with the Louisiana Purchase. Why were even fighting for something we had already acquired with the Louisiana Purchase? The British army who was commanded by Admiral Alexander Cochrane and General Edward Pakenham was very strong and had more experience when it came to dealing with a war. The first person that comes to my mind when it came to an important person who played a role in The Battle of New Orleans was Andrew Jackson. His nickname was Old Hickory which came from fellow soldiers who said he was as tough as hickory wood. He was brilliant as a general when it came to having to fight and lead a army of men. Many of people believe that because of his success as a general in the war and the war of 1812, it led to his election of president. It was not until the election of 1828 when …show more content…

The Treaty of Ghent was finally ratified which happened on February 17, 1815. This ended what seemed to be the end of the war. It left many of questions that many historians continue to ask but remain unresolved. Even though we do not know the answers, many in the United States celebrated the War of 1812 as a “second war of independence,”. This is the beginning of an era of a partisan agreement and national pride. This Led to the British not listening to the treaty and British trying to attack the New Orleans. America was excited for yet again, the fact that they are not in a

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