Battle Of New Orleans Essay

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The Battle of New Orleans was a significant battle that took place during the time period of 1812. It resulted in destruction for the British whose goal was to gain access to other territories along the Mississippi River. Britain wanted to enable trade with the entire American south. Andrew Jackson known as the “no-nonsense commander, came to New Orleans aid during the war of 1812. The battle was between American Forces led by General Andrew Jackson and British Forces led by Major General Sir Edward Pakenham. The Battle of New Orleans was the final battle in a series of battles that lasted from 1812-1815 that demonstrated that the Americans could defeat the British, increased nationalism, and First of all, the U.S. purchase of the Louisiana territory from France doubled the size of the republic. This newly acquired territory went from the Mississippi River all the way to the east Rocky Mountains as well as the Gulf in Mexico. The United States came to the realization that the territory was an essential …show more content…

The battle was also viewed by many people has America’s triumph over the their British adversary. When reality, neither side was victorious in battle. The Treaty of Ghent had been signed on 24 December 1814 in Ghent, Belgium, by both British and American representatives.The terms of the treaty stated that all conquered territory was to be returned, and authority figures were to supervise the settlement of the boundaries of the both United States, and Canada. News of the signing had not reached America informing them the ending of the dispute. Through the signing of the Treaty of Ghent peace was on the brink. New Orleans, and Great Britain came to a concession to end the war. With the inadequacy of a way to communicate the message of the treaty, those in battle were not aware that war had come to a close. Great Britain persisted with their attacks, but they were no match for America’s

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