War Of 1812 Dbq Essay

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Thomas Jefferson was elected on March 4,1801 as a president that urged the people to come together, and unite as one, instead of separating themselves due to opposing views. He supported the view of all men having the opportunity to vote, and wanted to reduce the power of the national government; exposing the views of a democrat. During his term, the Judiciary Act of 1081 was dismissed, which allowed the government control over the judicial system. Marbury V. Madison declared the law unconstitutional. Jefferson’s goal of trying to decrease the amount of control the federal government had was enacted by trying to decrease the federal budget. This would allow the national debt to be decreased, and would also halt any corruption that may be brewing…show more content…
Madison ended up passing the Non-Intercourse Act which allowed foreign trade with all countries, except France and Great Britain to try and stimulate the economy. This move was still not the answer, as the war between the two countries was still affecting American trade, ending in Madison declaring war. The war of 1812 occurred for several reasons; to protect free trade and sailors’ rights, put an end to British- inspired Indian attacks on American settlements, and to gain the territory of Canada. Although war was declared, the military and the country were not adequately prepared for the fight. The economy was weak and would become weaker as the British blocked American ports, hindering trade. The military did not have enough soldiers, and the soldiers they did have were not properly trained for war. Finally, the naval ships were vastly outnumbered by the British. The war ended up being fought in three separate areas; Chesapeake Bay, the South, and the North as a strategy to aid the lacking American…show more content…
This however, ended up being a complete blunder. General William Hull’s troops surrendered themselves and all their weapons. The second prong of the attack was never even started. The third resulted in surrendering as well. In another effort, the Americans launched a naval battle over Lake Eerie, resulting in securing of the lake, and causing the British to retreat to upper Canada. The battle of the South divided Georgia and Alabama into Upper and Lower creeks. The Upper creeks, also knowns as the Red Sticks sided with the British. The Lower Creeks sided with the Americans. The Red Sticks joined with the British and invaded Mobile, Alabama, killing and scalping the people there. This spurred Andrew Jackson to lead troops into the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Jackson’s group were successful in killing 300 of the Red Sticks in the “worst defeat ever inflicted upon Native Americans “(Shi and Tindall

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