War Of 1812 Summary

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The War of 1812 Documentary Notably, the documentary shows how the glories of war became enshrined in history. On the other hand, the documentary shows how people easily forget the failures and how truths are forever ignored. With its spectacular re-enactments, suggestive animation and the perceptive commentary of the key experts, the war of 1812 presented the strange and awkward conflict that strived in shaping the destiny of the continent. Nearly two centuries after the war, the was a comprehensive history that was forged after the two-and-a-half-year clash. From 1812 to 1815, it is believed that the Americans battled against the Canadian colonists, the British and the Native warriors where the outcome significantly changed the identity and …show more content…

Astonishingly, it is considered as a comprehensive in the present-day states such as Indiana, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Alabama and Louisiana. Especially, there were crucial naval battles on Champlain and Lake Erie and a wide-range of maritime struggle with many of its episodes off Virginia, Cuba, Massachusetts, Ireland, the Azores and Brazil. Although the U.S. were successful against the British Navy, some of the American armies surrendered en masse and the American capital …show more content…

In addition, the documentary recollects important moments in the American history such as the rescue of George Washington’s portrait from the White House by First Lady Dolley Madison's and the burning of Washington, D.C. Similarly, the documentary showcases Andrew Jackson's total victory at the Battle of New Orleans and the birth of the American national anthem which was penned by Francis Scott Key while at the Battle of Baltimore at Fort McHenry. However, "The War of 1812" pierces the valiant myths that has grown up around the war to further reveal a brutal, hurtful conflict that was subjugated by blunders and

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