War Of 1812 Outline

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The war of 1812 starts between the British and the U.S. The Red river settlement is also founded by the Hudson Bay Co. In 1818, the 49th parallel is accepted as a border between Canada and the U.S. This border goes from the Lake of the Woods to the Rocky Mountains In 1821, the Hudson's Bay Co. and the North West Co. became one In 1830, Canada makes and divides into counties In 1836, Canada's first railroad is finally open In 1701, the Iroquois, the French and the English all sign a peace treaty In 1709, slavery is made legal in New France In 1713, France and Britain sign the treaty of Utrecht, in which France surrenders most of it’s land on the east coast In 1755, the Great Expulsion occurs. This was when the French Acadians were forced

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