The Second Revolutionary War: The War Of 1812

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Have you ever heard of the Second Revolutionary war also known as the War of 1812? The War of 1812 is called the Second Revolutionary War by some scholars. It’s called that because the vast British Empire fought the newly formed United States military in the New England Colonies. The attempts to shut down U.S. trade by the British Navy, America expanding West, and impressment on U.S. sailors by the Royal Navy were all factors that led up to the war. Impressment is removing seamen from U.S. merchant and war vessels and forcing them to serve the Royal Navy in the War of 1812. The combatants were the Native Americans, Canadians, and British on one side, and on the other side was the American armed forces. New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans had…show more content…
victory against the Native Americans (Shawnee mostly). Chief Tecumseh lost the battle to Indiana’s governor William Henry Harrison. The British hadn’t yet been introduced to the war. The Indians were convinced that they needed help from the British to prevent Americans from pushing them further out of their Native lands in North America. The Native Americans had relied on the French military in the French and Indian War to keep the British from driving them out of Canada and the soon-to-be United States. In late 1811 there was a lot of pressure on James Madison, and on June 18th, 1812 James Madison declared war on the vast, glorious British Empire. Even though war had been declared the House of Represents and the Senate were greatly divided throughout the whole war. The first move that America made was an attack on Canada, a U.S. territory. Prior to the attack the military and the government was over confident and the soldiers in the attack were underprepared for battle. The British had state of the ark weapons, while the United States had old muskets like the ones used in the Revolutionary War. The British had a nasty defense in Canada and they expected contact so they were waiting and…show more content…
The British military in North America was unaware of the peace summit. They attacked the city of New Orleans and took one of their biggest losses from Andrew Jackson and the brave men under his command. But ultimately one of the biggest losses of the war. The U.S. as a whole had a boosted moral and left Americans with a sense of victory. In the end it paved a way for the industrial revolution, the continuance of the United States, and the success of our prosperity. The U.S. sustained a total of 2,200 deaths from the war, while the British death count was in the 1,000-2,500 range. Casualties include death, P.O.W., and injured. The U.S. casualty rating was around 5,000. The British war casualties was at a staggering 15,000.The United States loaned eighty million dollars towards the war effort, and in total the war costed around ninety three million dollars for the United States. For two and a half years the Americans drove out the British forces and repelled numerous ground and naval invasions. The British left after the failed land invasion on New Orleans and was ultimately shipped home for some tea and
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