War Of 1812 Essay Outline

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I. Introduction and Thesis A few years ago, in the spring and summer of 2012, Canada as a nation celebrated the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. In Ontario especially, where some of the most prominent battles took place, the remembrance of this war is vital to the preservation of the country’s history. The battle is celebrated and given special importance by Canadian authorities and historical societies and specific battles are frequently re-enacted by local groups at various forts within the country. The War of 1812 took place in the year 1812 on both Canadian and American soil. The battle is also known as the Anglo-American war, as it was a struggle between the newly independent Americans and the British inhabitants of Canada. The United States declared war on British Canada in the spring of 1812, for reasons that related to the results and conflicts that had been brought about during the American Revolution in the century before. The United States was already an independent nation and came to express their own interests through war. While the conflict occurred before Confederation, while Canada was still divided into Upper and Lower Canada and under …show more content…

Through the events and outcome of this war, Canada was able to improve the quality of life for the settlers in the country as well as lay the necessary foundations for the country’s independent future. This war has been a source of pride for many Canadians, and has been celebrated by historical societies of Canada. The battles of this war were fought by what would become Canada’s own military within that same century. By time of the Confederation of Canada in 1867, Canada would be equipped with the technology, training, and knowledge that would allow the country to develop their own army; this would allow for participation and representation of Canada as its own nation in future wars, such as World War I and World War

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