Aroostook War Essay

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1. When did the “Aroostook War” occur & what was its cause? An explosive controversy of the early 1840s involved the Maine boundary dispute. The St. Lawrence River is icebound several months of the year, as the British, remembering the War of 1812, well knew. They were determined, as a defensive precaution against the Yankees, to build a road westward from Halifax to Quebec. But the proposed route ran through disputed territory, claimed also by Maine under the misleading peace treaty of 1783. Lumberjacks from both Maine and Canada entered the disputed land of the Aroostook River valley. Ugly fights flared up, and both sides summoned the local militia. This was known as the Aroostook War and occurred in 1839. 2. What two men negotiated a treaty to end the Maine …show more content…

Countless citizens in the 1840s and 1850s, feeling a sense of mission, believed that Almighty God had “manifestly’’ destined the American people for a hemispheric career. They would spread their uplifting and ennobling democratic institutions over at least the entire continent. Land greed and ideals—“empire’’ and “liberty’’—were thus conveniently conjoined. 14. What political party cost Henry Clay the popular vote in the state of New York, & what is ironic about Polk’s election in 1844 regarding this party’s position on Texas? The Liberty Party costed Henry Clay’s popular vote in the state of New York. Polk nipped Henry Clay, 170 to 105 votes in the Electoral College and 1,338,464 to 1,300,097 in the popular column. Clay would have won if he had not lost New York State by a scant 5,000 votes. Ironically, the anti-Texas Liberty party, by spoiling Clay’s chances and helping to ensure the election of pro-Texas Polk, hastened the annexation of Texas. 15. What were the four goals of Polk’s presidency & how did he achieve these goals (you may bullet, & abbreviate this answer) One of Polk’s goals was a lowered

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