Summary Of The French And Indian War By Fred Anderson

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This book is an amazing secondary source of information on this war, this book is very well written, and really moves right along. The author intentions throughout the book Is taking you through the alliances with the Indian tribes, the British, the French and colonists. The author of the book, Fred Anderson, summarizes the people that were involved, events and the consequences of this war.
This book talks about The French and Indian War also known as the Seven Years’ War, was worldwide conflict that mold the world we have today. The French and Indian War started in 1754 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The war was mainly fought because The British wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley and to trade with the Native Americans …show more content…

Anderson does a really good job explaining and describing the events and how they were form, but sometimes the author would explain the events too much and he would get off topic. He struggles explaining and giving information about the economic situation. Instead, he focuses more on the different events that led to the war. The book itself was very inserting and understandable and he gave a lot of background information of the time this events happened, He also made the book really hard to read and more concussing by giving extra information not necessary. The author explained every detail of the time and the cause that led to those event. Anderson didn’t show any positive and negatives ways the French and Indian war affected our society and impacts that caused which would make it easier and more useful information to …show more content…

He provides important documents ,maps ,and pictures of the people who made an impact in this war. Out of all these primary sources, the ones that I thought were really useful to understand and comprehend more were the original documents that the people used back then, It helped me see how different people lived and how they would describe these events. The author states the topics really clearly and with a lot of details and background information , how the war started and all the progress they went through, and that really made it easier for me to understand.
The author provides sources for his points while providing primary documents of important dates during the war. Each of these sources have paragraphs supporting information about it. He also provides background information of important people that made a change in the French and Indian war that helps him prove his work is truthful. The author does a really good job providing these sources since it helped me have a better visual representation of the history of the French and Indian war. The evidence that the author uses is very useful and logical but confusing at the same

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