War Of 1812 Dbq

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The war of 1812 proved struggles and hardships for America. The question of why the war was even fought is astonishing still today since Britain did not want to fight the war and agreed to stop interfering with American shipping. However, America decided to precede on with the war. The war did bring on patriotism to Americans. This was the second war that America had fought and had won. The American Revolution was much longer than the 2 year war of 1812, but each brought great success and patriotism to Americans. Even though there was no true clear victory won, America did succeed in the war and came out ahead. The war also showed other nations that America was obviously capable of fighting for their country. …show more content…

With America doing so much trading with foreign countries for goods, not being able to trade hampered this tremendously. The US was forced to start manufacturers themselves, or sit back and wait for trade to re-open. American manufactures grew in result of this. When America saw that they could do it themselves, when the war was over they had more to provide for their country and more to trade to other countries. Political thoughts changed about many issues. The war was very costly, and those who were opposed to the federal bank then saw the need since the state banks were not ran properly and even at that were not enough. America also realized the importance of having a military for both land and the sea. The militiamen were certainly not enough to protect the US alone, and America needed a military that was ready and available at all times. Tariffs were also raised so that the American goods would not be compromised by foreign

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