What Main Events Do You Think Led The 13 Colonies To A Better Nation

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Rough Draft What main events do you think led the thirteen colonies to a better nation? In this essay, we are going to be talking about the economic improvements, the War of 1812, and the Westward Expansion. In paragraph 2, we will be talking about the economic improvements. In paragraph 3, we will be talking about the War of 1812. In paragraph 4, we will be talking about the Westward Expansion. In the conclusion, we will be summarizing it all. The United States became a great and independent nation because of economic improvements, War of 1812, and the Westward Expansion. During 1787 to 1849, this was the time period in which economic improvements took place. Many people had mixed emotions towards this. Some thought of it as being a good thing, while others saw it as being a terrible thing. The First Industrial Revolution had such an enormous impact on the United States as a whole. One thing that it did was that it created new inventions. These inventions helped to make lives easier, more than anything. An example of an invention that was created in 1712, was the "steamboat." Also, the Industrial Revolution created never before seen technology, as well. There was other things that …show more content…

The three events that happened were: respect from Global Powers, increase in national pride in America, as well as increase in U.S Manufactoring. However, the main event we will be talking about is the National Pride in America. Many people were proud to say that they were a citzen, living in America. A lot of the citzens were also glad to call America their home. Many people also thought America was a great and beautiful nation, especially because of the freedom of speech rights, which was established because of the Constitution. "The American leaders who declared war on Great Britain in 1812 firmly believed that they were beginning a second war of independence."

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